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Pokemon: Platinum Red and Blue - How to Use Mystery Gift (EVENT JIRACHI)


Follow the Mystery Gift option on the main menu and select "Get Via Wireless"
If there's an event go...

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He's hack DOESN'T WORK on real hardware, can you answer me ? i think it's caused by a bad header (try to compare with a orignal fire red rom with GBATA.
No idea, I don't have a flash cart to try it on real hardware and help figure it out. Sorry it doesn't work for you though.
Darn, I was actually buying a Ez-Flash IV JUST FOR this hack... Are you guys sure?
I have no idea cause I have no way to know lol
:I Alio, can you not fix the header yourself? Assuming that is the issue.
Izumi Sagiri
GoGo I've been trying to figure out how this works for a while now...I assumed it was just preprogrammed with events at different dates..but the GBA doesn't have a clock which even allows for that...HOW?!
TastySnax12 DSTWO works. That's all I've had to say, but other people have said that other flash carts work too. IDK why Aliogeek is having issues honestly. And the header isn't changed in the alphas like it should have been, so that's not the problem.
I've already played it on DSTWO, and yep, it works. Shame I can't use it on actual hardware though..
You should theoretically be able to. I don't see why not lol