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Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue - Title Screen Beginnings


Pokemon Platinum Red's Title Screen is in the works!

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without animation it will look bad
yes nex, that's why there is an animation lol
My guess is probably some movement on the wings and tail?
thats what I mean
its just moving and that looks bad
Otto's Foxhole
It isnt the fade. That isn't a big ordeal. Ihe fact giratina is static and only bobs up and down as a single image is what I meant. The "wings" alone being static makes it look off. VERY off. If the "wings" animated individually, the body could remain static without it looking bad, add in the tail m...
do you realize how difficult it'd be to do that? Any idea how I'd do it anyway? 3D models aren't an option
Otto's Foxhole
Then don't animate it and make a fade in and out. The only solution I could think of is make it into sprite "bones" individually animating the pieces. Very difficult, very tedious, but doable.
You also eat up a lot of resources in that regard. Personally, I think a fade is enough for that. the animat...
I expected that you reply like this gogo but pls animate it
Otto's Foxhole
Nex, the sheer amount of work needed to smoothly animate something of this size with that much precision isn't worth the effort, even for a quality hack. If it wee that simple or easy, GF would have probably did just that. The difference is they had less to code that a hacker does.
Even GoGo just men...