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Red++ Intro Update

  • September 23, 2014 (Added)
  • 6 (Comments)

An updated version of the video I posted yesterday. Shows off both gender choices, as well as showin...

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El Diabeetus
Seems to be coming along nicely!
Thanks! And yeah, it's coming along a lot more quickly thanks to using the Pokered disassembly instead of a hex editor and debugger like I do with Gold.
Also, Maniac of Darkness pointed out that I claimed Gary is my grandson by accident thanks to forgetting that line. So I've updated the text to say "This is your neighbor. He's been your rival since you were little. ...Erm, what was his name again?"

I also updated the very first screen to say "Play a...
El Diabeetus
I got'cha! What other changes are you doing if you don't mind me askkng?
Well, I have several of the planned features listed here:

But I'm liable to add some that aren't listed if they seem like a good idea and I think I can pull them off.
El Diabeetus
Very nice! Looking forward to progress, would be nice to play Red without the wonky effects on attacks.