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Direct Sound Limit Hack

Direct Sound Limit Hack

Posted By: On April 2, 2017
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Before I begin, this was NOT discovered by me.

Have you been inserting music into your hack and when you go to check how it sounds in-game, most of the song either cuts off randomly or doesn't play at all? You may need to add this little tweak. Don't worry though, it's literally only 1 byte change.

All you need to do is change 00 C5 94 to 00 CC 94. What this does is increase the direct sound limit from the standard 5 to 12. Do take into account though that you can't go any higher than 12 or lower than 5 with this little hack.

FireRed offset: 1DD0C8
Emerald offset: 2E0104

This does work for Ruby as well, but I remember being told that Ruby can only go as high as 7 instead of 12 and that's why I'll not be providing the offset for Ruby in this tutorial. Although, it's easy enough to find if, on the off chance, you want to apply this to it.

I hope you've enjoyed my first ever tutorial and if you run into any problems, drop me a message.