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Adding expanded mons to the wild

Adding expanded mons to the wild

Posted By: On April 27, 2014
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Okay, so I've seen a few posts of people asking that after they have used G3HS to add more Pokemon they don't how to put them in the wild. Well, this is how.

What you need:
HxD Hex editor (or any other hex editor that has a compare function)
A rom with extended Pokemon <- That website or a calculator that has hex, or put it in hex yourself

Now the how to part..
Get the Pokemon that you added's index number. In this tutorial I will be using Turtwig to demonstrate.The first one you added is 440, second one is 441, and so on. Make the first Pokemon you added 387 (the reason I choose to do this is because I inserted Pokemon using the national dex order, I'm assuming some people did, too). Add 53 to it (not in hex), so 387 would become 440. (I got 53 from 440-387). Get that number, hex it and then do this to it:
1B8 (440 in hex) --> B8 01. (second and third number) (0 and first number)
Now open your ROM in advanced map. Go to the wild Pokemon area. Go to any Pokemon, for this tutorial we'll use the first one that appeared and change it to something else.

Make a copy of the rom.

Open the copy of the rom that you made and change the Pokemon that you just changed. (I had Zigzagoon, so I changed it to Linoone. MAKE SURE THE FIRST ROM STILL HAS THE OTHER POKEMON. Save, and close A-Map.

Now open you hex editor that has a compare function. I am using HxD.
Compare the roms.
(In HxD you go to Analysis->File-compare)

Now write the number you got earlier.

(In this case I only had to change the first two numbers, that is not always the case.)
Press save and test it.

Also, you can do this with trainers too, but I really suggest you just use Jambo51's trainer editor and make changes to the ini instead. But if you're like me and can't use it on a computer due to whatever issue, then you will have to use this method, but on a trainer.

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