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May 7, 2015 A Request to a Quest!
Posted By LeiAlcantara025 Part Time


Well hello everybody,i'm here to invite you guys to be part of my hack team.i am kindly a newbie but iman expert when it comes to mapping,tile inserting,tile making story etc. but not so good at scripting,asm,hex editing, but i can do normal scripts like give item convo. chat but my ability still not enough to finish it coz i got so much to learn.

My hack's name anyway is "Freezing Dawn" i got a story here but if you like to join and help me built it then follow the requirements below

How to apply

Hello Guys to join in my hack team it is simply to give your:

Ability in hacking
time you can spent with usits ok if your not always online jut be active at certain times when really needed
That's it!! and you can join in my hack team,easy right? but our hack is not going to be easy hope i get more hackers coz my hacs goal is to be a hack of the year 2016!!!
hope you guys cooperate Thanks!! ^_^