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Latest requests

January 28, 2016 Need a hacker to team up with
Posted By Deathdjninja14 Part Time
November 4, 2015 hack tester
Posted By pokeRAP Part Time
May 7, 2015 A Request to a Quest!
Posted By LeiAlcantara025 Part Time
December 10, 2014 Need people of all disciplines for team. Red/Blue Hack
Posted By Rein-9 Part Time
December 9, 2014 I need a hella picky person to beta test my hack
Posted By Papo Chorizo Part Time
November 15, 2014 I need Music Compositor
Posted By Ksiazek Bartlomiej Part Time
August 11, 2014 Help needed in converting to Hex
Posted By Dominic Part Time
February 17, 2014 Looking for a team
Posted By Hector Newcomb Part Time
August 31, 2013 Dragon Dance on steroids
Posted By Ness Part Time
July 27, 2013 need a tile inserter to insert tiles of course...
Posted By supersoursky Part Time