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Latest requests

August 11, 2014 Help needed in converting to Hex
Posted By Dominic Part Time
July 30, 2014 Looking for a Compositor who does Masuda/Game Style/Pro
Posted By Disney/Mario/PKM Hacks One Off
April 20, 2014 Pokemon Searing Flame (Need scripting help)
Posted By Xernic Full Time
April 4, 2014 Looking for ROM Helpers / Beta Testers
Posted By EUE KnSlash Full Time
February 17, 2014 Looking for a team
Posted By Hector Newcomb Part Time
August 31, 2013 Dragon Dance on steroids
Posted By Ness Part Time
July 27, 2013 need a tile inserter to insert tiles of course...
Posted By supersoursky Part Time
July 19, 2013 Pokemon icons (PokeDex) needed
Posted By Dominic Part Time
May 25, 2013 World Map Inserting
Posted By Varion One Off
May 18, 2013 Bootscreen Graphics
Posted By SK3 Part Time