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Latest requests

February 17, 2017 READ ME
Posted By Mako One Off
January 28, 2016 Need a hacker to team up with
Posted By Deathdjninja14 Part Time
November 4, 2015 hack tester
Posted By pokeRAP Part Time
July 28, 2015 Mega Sprites
Posted By lilbluedemon One Off
May 7, 2015 A Request to a Quest!
Posted By LeiAlcantara025 Part Time
December 10, 2014 Need people of all disciplines for team. Red/Blue Hack
Posted By Rein-9 Part Time
December 9, 2014 I need a hella picky person to beta test my hack
Posted By Papo Chorizo Part Time
November 19, 2014 I need ASM hacker
Posted By Ksiazek Bartlomiej Full Time
November 15, 2014 I need someone who expand Pokedex on Emerald
Posted By Ksiazek Bartlomiej One Off
November 15, 2014 I need Music Compositor
Posted By Ksiazek Bartlomiej Part Time