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Any plans to keep working on this?
He'll be out of internet for a week, so? How is that related to the rom?
well you actually ask the author (laz) if this is still a work in progress, and laz is gone for a week
Considering i've waited like 5 years at this point, a week won't be much Wink
In all fairness, as long as LaZ may be taking to finish this, LaZ will still have finished my ideal Pokemon game before game freak ever do.
Been itching for almost 2 years to give this another go, but with no updates i dont really want to yet. I check the change log way too often for a sane person, i wonder if we´ll get an update this yea...
I can agree with that part about the game being tedious after reaching lv 60
GᵒGᵒJJTᵉᶜʰ ツ
Can't tell if serious or referencing 69
Not sure what you mean with the EXP gaining being tedious at 60+. It should be similar to vanilla as long as you don't overlevel (the BW exp algoritm discourags overleveling and encourages picking up new pokemon you like despite underleveling since they gain a ton of EXP until they're on par). I per...
I'm using a mac, and when i start a new game prof oak asks the time, and always says it's sunday. If you press no, he says, "okay, so it's monday?", if you press no again, it leaves a blank text box.
visual boy advance.
maybe the version is different? have you got a link to yours?
how completed is this hack?
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I have gone half way through the game(Beaten the Elite 4 for the first time). I have not received the call from Elm about the SS ticket, so I guess, this is as far as it goes.
i wanted to ask, is it possible to add more double-pokemon battles into the game?
There are only one or two that i have seen so far.
You know, the one where 2 trainers fight with you simultaneously
there already are as you advance further into the game
I'm wondering, did progress stop in the hack? Haven't seen any updates in a while
its cool bruh. do what ya gotta do man!
Yeah, waiting is fine. I played through all of 3.2 with pure joy. I'll just wait for some major changes and I'll play through again. Maybe even get to the full version ;D;D;D;D
Hope i'm not late ^^

Trainer Name: Gex

Trainer Class: Adventurer

Trainer Items: 3xFull Restore, 1xMax Revive

Trainer's Pokémon: Hunter, Charmeleon, Cloyster, Dragonair, Kabutops, Excecutor

Before Battle di...
Revive doesn't work on trainers...
guess 4 full restore will have to be then :/
Hi, i've been following the LC project for almost 2 years, but now i'm wondering .Is it still in development? I haven't seen any real update in a while. Or rather, the frequency of the updates is decr...
Wow college sucks then lol
* typhlosion *
yeah xD
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