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25 blank spaces

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Posted July 6, 2013 by Ness
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Back in the '09 I've heard about 25 blank spaces that can serve for Pokemon.
There was a glitch that caused the game to freeze when that Pokemon was caught. I don't know how did it all improve, and I haven't seen any up to date tutorials, so...
How do I insert the Pokemon in the blank 25 spaces after Celebi without screwing the game up?

All Answers

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Posted July 7, 2013 by LocksmithArmy

sooo... SOMEONE can make a patch to increase the pokedex to six hundred some odd pokemon... but noone has bothered to give the pokedex 25 more entreis tagged to the 25 ? slots

it would make a nice rom base...

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Posted July 7, 2013 by karatekid552

The reason the game crashes is because they don't have dex entries. When you catch a pokemon, it's dex entry is loaded and displayed. A solution for wild pokemon, is write at the start of the game, is give the player all 25 pokemon using the givepokemon command and then take them away by writing 600 "00"s to the party location or by using that special that clears the party (obviously 6 pokemon at a time, so they don't get set to the PC). I can't remember what special number it is though. This will pre-register them in the dex so that their entries won't be loaded. You could also just use them as evolutions (Eevee?) or pokemon just given to the player that never appear in the wild.