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Pokemon Abilities

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ICED Jaguar
Posted June 4, 2014 by ICED Jaguar
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I was daydreaming the other day about how cool/different it would be if I could have pokemon with both of their abilities active at the same time in game e.g. Poliwag's official abilities are Water Absorb and Damp. Normally each Pokemon only has one active in game, you catch a Poliwag and it will have either Water Absorb or Damp.
I was wondering if anyone had experimented with having both of the abilities active in one pokemon in Game?
Not sure whether this is possible but if anyone has managed to get it working, how they managed that.
I am only getting started in editing the Hex in a rom, and thought it might be something like changing the hex in the rom for allowing running shoes indoors, and thought this might be similar...
I don't know if what i think is crazy/stupid i thought it would be nice to ask though..

All Answers

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Posted June 4, 2014 by DoesntKnowHowToPlay

Pretty much every ability check is designed around there being only the one. This is not strictly impossible but it'd be an incredible hassle to change it this way- try implementing some 4th/5th/(6th?) abilities first as that'd be much easier, and would give you an idea of why what you're proposing would be difficult.