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DS hacking: 4 birds, 1 stone.

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Otto's Foxhole
Posted May 26, 2014 by Otto's Foxhole
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1: As you know, Inserting streams is possible, and i have the capability of doing such. the first question resides in is it possible (well more accurately with our current ability) to insert a stream and make a map point to that? I dont think it would work with battle muziks, but i could use the kalos music for certain things instead of having to scratch make midis and "downgrade" the sound to the b2w2 standard.

2: Multiple tutorials explain how to rip, modify, and create maps. but none state a good method for inserting them. this makes it hard to port in maps from other games (in this case, HGSS to B2) if you have no clue WTF to do lol. Any info regarding this? this includes sprites and such.

3: Scripting is a major deal. but one of the biggest issues is the post professer setup intro in b2 (it was prof juniper delivering the package in b/w and players mom in b2w2). I simply want to eliminate the video thingy in leu of starting in the players house. at the very least, modify the x/y coordinates, the sprite of the players mom, and have her walk inside the house, and after a fadeout to fade in, the player begin in his room. this might make it a bit nice and fresh, but isnt a major concern over eliminating it altogether. I question if this is a script or an actual video like at the intro.

4: Any information on the titlescreen 3d model? I would like to swap black kyurem out with a model of Blastoise. the problems are the model locations, the animations, etc. there is no documentation or explination on how to utilize the LUA script i am using for finding the locations of in game scripts aside from that use. this means, i do not know the location of the model, the script that controls the cry (to change it to blastoise) where or how to rip and hack the animations of the pokemon (it will probably be a major issue if the pokemon is trying to animate incorrectly), etc.

If you are able to answer all questions, great! if only a couple, please reference the number for a quick reply.