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Some questions about hacking pokedex

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Posted February 24, 2014 by wael96
Category: Data Structures
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I read the tutorial about expanding pokedex of fire red by DoesntKnowHowToPlay, but I have some confusion about some concept,
1st:What is meant by Player Y table and Enemy Y table?
2nd: What is the data structure of TM compatability and Tutor compatability (I already searched from Bulbapedia, But I can't find the detail information)
3rd: When the sprite table has expanded, how do I use Advance Series of Wichu to add the new pokemon image(I can only replace a pokemon image...) I know my questions are quiet childlike and maybe boring for experienced hackers, anyway I really need your help, thank you!

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Otto's Foxhole
Posted February 24, 2014 by Otto's Foxhole

i can answer question 1 and 3. the enemy and player y table is a measurement in the rom for how high or low your pokemon is. increasing or decreasing these values are editable to aid in centering the pokemon sprite. as the name implies, altitude is used in combination on the enemy sprite to make it appear levitated (adds a shadow underneight and raises it just a tad).

for the second question. when you repoint (and expand) the number of pokemon using genIII suite by karatekid552, the pokeroms.ini file creates a new entry with the number 0000. this entry lists the offsets for everything. i believe Wichu added ini support as well, so it would likely be a matter of backing up the original ini for wichu's tools, and hand editing it with the new offsets located in the pokeroms.ini from genIII suite that i refered to earlier.