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Pokémon B2W2 Character Pointers

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Davin (aka Platinum Lucar
Posted September 15, 2012 by Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)
Category: Data Structures
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Earlier, I was wondering about the pointers for the characters used in Pokémon B2W2. As far as I know of, the English patch from ProjectPokémon uses the normal English characters for numbers such as Pokémon's levels and stuff like that. However... the official English version uses the Japanese English numbers and the normal English numbers for other stuff such as the money and Pokédex entries.

So what I'm wondering is... where exactly is the data that chooses which characters to use for money, Pokédex entries and of course... the date display when in a gate? It's gotta be somewhere.

Tags: pokémon black version 2, pokémon white version 2, data, characters, offset pointers