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Pokémon: Platinum Origins
The first version of Platinum Origins is finally released on PHO!
  and  like this.
Great, continue this great project Smile
Why What is Cancelled ? This is a great project Unhappy
If anythink want to have an overview to the game :
so what will happen to this? Unhappy
Well, until I decide to actually quit, (so far I only announced my intention to think about it) nothing. If I do quit, who knows?
okay that's good. Originally your message came across as final soooo....yeah Tongue
Do you have a release date for your Fans? (:
I really loved your Kristall remake. I cant wait for this Hack :D. So you have a release date? =)
Linkandzelda is online.
Imagine Platinum for the GBA and that's what this will become when it's finished, of course with some cool extras Wink
Ness is online.
cool as ice
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