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Wall Comment: #890

Finally completed the pokedex and low and behold, Prof Oak is telling me that he is looking forward to seeing me fill it. I then check and it says i own 361 and when i scroll down the list, it is comp...
You've missed out the secret Pokemon: Sheng Long
what secret pokemon?
i have 386
how did you catch 386 when not all 386 are available? or did you hack them in?
Shio Riongray
Hackers these days..
I believe it's quite hard to hack LC because all the save changes and all, he's done quite a great job..
i just used some gameshark codes for the last few that aint available yet. the wild pokemon codes not the fill pokedex code
...that's still hacking them in. You can't be surprised that something didn't work in a game when you use 'unlawful' methods to achieve something.