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Pokémon: Liquid Crystal
Hey guys, as a bit of a last hurrah I'll do in hacking, I intend to update the GBP over the next month or so so that the music in it is vastly more accurate by comparison to the existing music.

As to o...
If you need any help, hit me up. I'll happily be of help! I have the drumkits from Crystal in WAV format so they can be inserted into the game. I just need to work out the ADSR values for them.
I'm working on porting the system directly - that is to say, having the game read the data from the GSC roms and play it back using the actual built in square, wave and noise generators.

It's based on the work I did for my own engine back in the day, so I know it works on paper, I just need to write ...
So it’d switch using a M4A command which is called when you use the GBP item? And it’d switch back when you use the item again?
Not switch entirely - to the game, it would look like a regular M4A song, same header, same initial stuff. I hope to have some basic source code (in THUMB assembly) done by Saturday night, but due to my relative rustiness and the fact that I'm gonna have to basically port the code from C++ to THUMB,...
I wish you the best of luck, Jambo!