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When will liquid crystal be complete? and get an upgrade in pokedex like up to 6 gen where all pokemon are obtainable, mega evolutions, dirrent region sprites for vivillon (same concept like unown), s...
Pretty sure he isn't planning to add all Pokemon up to Gen 6, or mega evolutions.
How do you people expect us to know exactly what time in history things will be done
When will it be complete? Well 6 years ago I said "it should be done by the end of 2010". Sadly my ability to give solid release dates is not as accurate as some people might like xD
It will be finished sometime before (or after) the world ends. Maybe.
As I understand it (I could be wrong - it has been known to happen!), Liquid Crystal is Pokemon Crystal in a GBA Pokemon game style. As such, in my opinion, stuff like Gen 6 and Mega evolutions aren't necessary. They didn't exist in the original, after all.
Is battle tower fixed? Last time i checked, talk options with the miss guarding entrance were bugged