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Wall Comment: #1438

I've made a patch with unlimited HM's ans attack update to gen V if LAZ you are interested in just pm me.

Someone have found a bug with an infinite script(a dialog appear for me) appear in radio tower ...
Banjora Marxvile
Unlimited HMs? You sure about that one?
I was thinking the same :D
Oh boy.
FInally, unlimited HMs!
I was so sick of my HMs disappearing after I used them. I once got stranded on Mossdeep cause I traded away the Pokemon I taught Surf to and didn't get Fly.
OH! I'm sorry isn't unlimited HM's^^. Is deletable HM and unlimited TM's.
Banjora Marxvile
Wait, you made a patch with deletable HMs s well? Did I misread that?
I mean you don't need to see the move deleter to delete your attack. But the attack stay unlimited in yout tm case--'
You don't know genglish so well, but I get you