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Plants Vs. Zombies Music

Sound Font & Instruments

Ok, this is a patch as you all know (by reading the title) about Plants Vs. Zombies music. But it's on 3rd gen! For now, it's only for FR US (v1.0)
Songs with a (V) imply which version of the download it was released.

So, here's a list of done songs (Sappy # and correspondent):

FireRed US
265 - Front Yard

To play in Sappy without any issues do the following: Sappy Mod 15 - 17.1 -> Options -> Settings -> Extra -> DirectSound Voices Limit = 12

ipatix - (Partly) Teaching me much about music hacking
Myself - Ripping the songs, inserting, looping, main brains Tongue

Not Available yet. Check the musics though!