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2012-10-22 17.22.30

October 22, 2012 by
Just wanted to say that, I'm playing CrystalDust and it looks very sexy on real hardware. Oh, and it's definitely better than LC in some aspects, so congrats!
~Mustafa~, this is an ordinary GBA with a flashcart.
Jesus Christ
That does look nice, but I'd rather have LC on my GBA, because it has that nostalgia value from the old crystal. Too bad it broke Unhappy
I have a PSP 3000, the emulator is set to upscale by 160% so it fills the screen vertically. Although I'd much rather have it even bigger say 3DS XL size.
To Robert: And CrystalDust doesn't give you that nostalgia value? :/
El Diabeetus
I don't know, CrystalDust seems more like a hack for if you wanna re-live your nostalgia remade on the GBA. LiquidCrystal is more of a remake in the sense that it is the game, but there are added elements and differences from the original like HG/SS.
Talk about necroposting.
Is that edited or is that CrystalDust on a real GBA because if it is, then I don't know how that is possible because CrystalDust is a ROM hack on a computer and if you can put into a GBA game card, then that's pretty impressive.
Have you really never heard of flash cards? Or bootleg hacks? There are many ways to get it on real hardware. LaZ is using the EZflash IV in this image.
Flash carts are revolutionary technology.