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December 12, 2014 by
What the logo will most likely look like. Corrected it a bit, uses Japanese FireRed colors, and edited version of the edited FireRed Logo.
Ehrmagud that looks so freaking auersawme
El Diabeetus
Just trying to emulate the style of the Japanese logos a bit. Since RSE they have looked way more well designed than their English counterpart.
I'm featuring this, oh man
The O and R looks a bit bulky and the logo looks awesome
O and R too bulky? O R... OR... OR.... Omega Ruby!!
Chaos Rush
Pokemon Inferno Red... Pokemon Red... Poke Red... Po Ed... Poed... Pod... Pd... PD. PD --> DP. DP---> Diamond Pearl SINNOH CONFIRMED!!!
El Diabeetus
@Nex O and R can still be edited. The R in Red being that bulky is not editing the size at all from the original FireRed I used as a base.
El Diabeetus
Probably will leave the R alone for that reason, but I'm gonna edit the O.
Otto's Foxhole
Chaos Rush dat logic XD