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Updated trainer sprites!

September 24, 2014 by
in Screenies
Backsprites for the players and the Old Man have been devamped from Fire Red. Trainer front sprites come from several places. A few are from Yellow, like Gary, but most are from newer games.
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Chaos Rush
I know I'm literally like the only person on the planet who cares so strongly about this but WHY DOES EVERYONE CALL HIM GARY???? Seriously, every single time he's appeared in a non-nameable appearance, he's Blue! (or Green if you play the Japanese versions)

inb4 counterargument of "but Gary is one of...
Only reason I call him Gary is because of the anime... and because it avoids the argument that always happens when you call him Blue or Green.
I'm annoyed that he wasn't renamed to Green in HGSS (thus B2W2); FireRed and LeafGreen should've made it a universal change for him.
Either way, I agree that he should be called Blue (or Green) over Gary.

This screenshot looks cool, by the way. Always nice to see more precise backsprites in RBY, rathe...
The Glitch
He'll always be "Douche" in my games.