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February 17, 2014 by
I think I may have overtrained a little. Haven't even fought Koga yet.
El Diabeetus
I usually don't nickname. I've only named my shiny Clawitzer, Zoidberg. I usually nickname Jynx, Mrs. Popo. One time I named Pokémon after the Regular Show cast. Zigzagoon = Rigby, Articuno = Mordecai, Snorlax = Muscle Man, Slaking = Skips.
I usually only nickname for comedic purposes. My Shiny Cloyster from Gen V was called Bluewaffle, my shiny Chesnaught is named Chesnaughty and my Greninja is called Deepfroak.
Le Pug
I rarely name pokemon. However if I go with a blastoise it has to be Boomer for some reason
What's the point of Jynx' line? Like they just wanted a woman
Chaos Rush
maybe to give Lorelei a Pokemon that no one else uses?
To offend Black people?
Otto's Foxhole
lets see. the only nicks i ever used... swampert = swampy, ursarang (SP?) = mynigga, shellos = shelly, magikarp (special raise) = epikarp
Otto's Foxhole
ah i forgot, i shit you not but i nicknamed my gen 2 tyranitar, tyrantrum.
* typhlosion *
I tend to nickname my pokemon with League Of Legend's Champions, dunno why xD I also remembered one time where I caught a Magikarp and nicknamed it Magicrap xD
Otto's Foxhole
epikarp. best. hack. ever.