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Pokemon Dark Rising

Game Boy Advance Hack
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Dark eh? No match for my fighting types then!
Pokemon Dark Rising
Here's an updated patch of Pokemon Dark Rising with a lot of the errors and bugs fixed:
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Could you fix the link? Edit, I think I found another one -
Pia Carrot
I recommend Dropbox, Mediafire, or Mega. Easy to register and the links will stay.
Pokemon Dark Rising
Happy New Years Everyone! Here's the Full Completed Hack of Pokemon Dark Rising!
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Link is down : (
I found it on the Pokécommunity post
Pokemon Dark Rising
Long ago...There was only darkness.

Until Arceus, God of Pokemon, decided to make a new world. A world filled with
Pokemon. Arceus began creating Pokemon of different natures, types and
species on the ...
Nice indoors player house but you need to edit it and but black colour on its background.For the cave tiles,later I pm you in community after I sent you indoors pc that I havent finish the folwer yet...
This...looks...amazing! I plan on trying Dark Rising 1 probably in the Summer (Exam's here :/), it looks great! Oh...and SHAYMIN IS IN THE GAME :D
Pokemon Dark Rising
Here's some screenshots of the last update I posted not too long ago on forums. I've decided to share it here as well since the full hack is almost complete. I'll have a brand new update next weekend.
What is it a ROM hack of? Ex: FireRed, Emerald, Etc...
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