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I actually started doing the hack around 2015 but the project went down as I decided to focus on my hell degree life. I might be busy sometimes but with proper time management, I found that I have decent free time. Therefore, I have more time to spend on my hobby so I decided to reboot the entire project. Unfortunately most of the former team member leave for academy reasons, but I am still hoping to finish the hack. After 2 months of preparation, I officially announce to reboot Pokémon Sacred White & Sin Black. In 2015, I honestly didn't have a good story line so the hack mainly focus on the new generations features. After the project dead for some years, I manage to come out with a pretty decent story which I now consider it as the aim of this hack.

About me

My name is 他之境界, which is obviously Chinese character name with the meaning of "next level". In case you cant call it right, you might call me Ta. With decent programming and rom hacking knowledge, I consider myself a semi-pro/moderate hacker as I still need help in some particular field. I have pretty wide language proficiency so I learn most of the thing in a faster way.

Game Background & History

Sacred White & Sin Black, SW & SB is the game of Deity Region, about a hero and a villain. Each hack come with a opposite point of view of another one, that means the stories might be different, but they are related and connected at some point. Deity Region had three islands: Cloto, Lacesis and Tropo. Around 400 years ago, a war initiated by the Dark Night Association which resulted the delete of Lacesis Island from the map.

In SW, you were adopted by Prof. Marlin AKA the principal of Hope Academy. You become a fresh graduate of Hope Academy after some years and you start your journey in Cloto Island to find out who really you are.

In SB, you received your birthday gift from your father, Prof. Del who work under Dark Night Company. You start you exploration in Tropo Islands during the war(Yes, the starting timeline of SB is 400 years ago). When you travel at Lacesis Island, the leader of Dark Night Association activate the Z-Energy Union System(Z.E.U.S) and delete Lacesis Island from the map. You wake up, find yourself in a dark space where called Nox which are actually the hell of Deity. The entire Lacesis land is teleported to Nox, the people in Lacesis are in danger.

Closing Thought

Now I guess you can imagine how big the project is. My plan is to finish both version in a year which will be impossible on paper if I do it alone. I recalled my former team and only get few of them. Fortunately, I was able to contact with a very talented artist which contribute most of the artwork in my hack of 2015 so art is not the most thing I fear. My current issue is heavy data management(somehow I need to consider every byte used to avoid running out of space) and some limitation of my skill(most of them are graphic related). The project has been started about two weeks and I will update the progression ASAP. Find me on discord if you wish to join SW & SB.