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This is more of a project to keep myself busy, but I've decided to try and put all the regions (excluding Orre) up to Gen 3 into one whole game. I've always though Emerald to be a pretty full game already, but I've always thought it'd be pretty cool to have everything in it. Unless I think of something later on, the Emerald story won't change until after you beat the game, then you'll have access to Kanto, Johto, and the Sevii Islands on top of everything else already in the game. If I get far enough into it, I may throw a little bit extra, like items or areas from ORAS (items, mirage islands, etc)
Other than having all the regions into this, it's nothing too special. All the Kanto and Sevii Island maps are being imported directly from FR, tilesets half imported half customized to give the Emerald vibe. Johto maps will more than likely be made more similarly to their GBC style (excluding Routes 47 and 48, which I plan to include). Kanto and Sevii Island maps won't have the same events as FRLG. I haven't decided exactly what the post game will consist of, but I will update this section as soon as something comes to mind.
I have also been thinking of and looking into expanding OWs and Trainer sprite amounts, but have not given that an attempt as of yet. I also hope to be able to expand the Town Map, or add multiple maps, but I'm not all that familiar with ASM hacking at the moment, so I hope to figure that out by the end of this.
Extra features like Dive spots in Kanto/Johto/Sevii Islands will probably also be added. If all goes according to plan, all Pokemon should be obtainable in this in some way, shape, or form.