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Name: Pokémon Quasar Version
Hack of: Crystal Version

Welcome to the Guinso region!

Start off your adventure at Mochi Town, where you receive your starter Pokémon: Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott. Explore the Guinso region, which is inspired by chinese culture and other east asian themes, while taking on the Guinso League Challenge of collecting 8 badges from gyms around the land.

As the region's Fortune Festival nears, a special occasion is occurring...The Millennium Comet, said to only come once every one thousand years, is nearing. Dark dealings are happening in Guinso, with the region's mafia and an ninja clan on the move. Rumor has it that Jirachi will awaken, and grant anyone who obtains it's wish.

-Fairy Type
-A Pokedex of 256 Pokemon
-Pokemon from every Generation
-New musical tracks, mostly from other Pokemon games
-Possible opening for more games in the future