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Hack of Pokémon Red using the pokered split disassembly. Danny E-33's Gen II graphics patch was used as a base.

This is a simple idea that came to me from replaying Red on the 3DS when it came out on VC. It's nothing more than a graphical enhancement and a rebalanced level curve. While the Gen II graphics patch has been used as a base, all Pokémon sprites have had their palettes adjusted to what they are in Pokémon Crystal.

It features:
- 150 Pokémon catchable (if you want Mew then use the Mew glitch)
- Pokémon movesets and TM/HM compatibility updated to the ones from Pokémon Yellow
- GSC-style Pokémon & Trainer sprites
- Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Red have heavily edited Trainer sprites that match their official Gen 1 artwork very closely
- All Pokémon use their color palettes from Pokémon Crystal
- Pokémon back sprites are updated to the ones from Pokémon Crystal
- rebalanced level curve
- revised wild Pokemon locations
- revised opponent Trainer teams
- revised Gym Leader & Elite Four teams
- unique OW sprites for all Gym Leaders (instead of just Erika and Giovanni)

Planned features that I will probably never ever get around to:
- Rival and Team Rocket having their own battle themes
- a new route theme based on the Pokémon Origins bicycle remix

DOWNLOAD: (none yet)

- Chaos Rush (that's me)
- iimarkus - for pokered disassembly
- Danny-E 33 - for Gen II graphics patch
- Luna/Mateo - for helping me out with stuff like adding new OW's and also Red's backsprite base
- BettyNewbie - Gym Leader OW sprite sheets