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Pokémon Inferno Red

Game Boy Advance Hack
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Pokémon Inferno Red
Editing more overworlds to look closer to the RSE style.
Didn't he always? ...oh, you mean in the screenshot. He looks a little cross-eyed.
El Diabeetus
It's been replaced with Chaos Rush's overworld from DV. He's allowing me to edit and use the overworlds from the game.
Pokémon Inferno Red
Made sure to properly implement this, this time.
  and  like this.
Thomas Winwood
That's kind of hard to read. There's quite the clash of saturation on the statblocks, too.
Pokémon Inferno Red
Already, caught up on graphic stuff like HP Bars, Summary, palettes as well. Side stuff like BW2 repels, etc.
Pokémon Inferno Red
Restarting progress, using RSE Overworlds for people, DS for Pokémon and coloring eyes like the DS games to give a DS like look without actually using the DS graphics.
when will this be downloadable?
It'll take a very long time
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