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D&D Pokémon Editor

Game Boy Advance Tool
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D&D Pokémon Editor
Hello everyone, I know it's been quite a while (and I'm very sorry for the wait), but I'm proud to say that I have yet another update to the tool.

I would like to take a moment and say thank you for al...
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D&D Pokémon Editor
Just letting everyone know that I updated this tool.
D&D Pokémon Editor
I was hoping I could get someone to test this out for me and give me some feedback. I need some motivation and (more linear) direction.
I can test if you want.
I would really appreciate it Smile
D&D Pokémon Editor
Hey guys, I'm posting an alpha of the tool me and Danny have been working on. Let me know what you think. (Does anyone know how to fix my problem with the pictures btw).
Import/Export Pokemon feature would be great. not just the stats, movesets too. Movesets are probably one of the most boring things to edit. Tongue
That is part of the plan. It really shouldn't be too hard to do that either. (I might actually pre-create all the new gen Pokemon and allow people to just import them without having to hand edit it. I've always hated doing that stuff).
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