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D&D Pokémon Editor

Game Boy Advance Tool

D&D Pokémon Editor

Hello all! My name is Dark Zeta (call me Zeta if you want). I have come to the community today with a new tool. A brand new Pokémon Editor! (It's only in alpha stage right now, so don't expect way too much for right now). I plan to encompass everything that YAPE, PGE, G3T, and even G3HS can do, and even more! I also plan on having a very nice GUI and no annoying buggy auto-save :D

The tool is being written in C# by me and Danny0317 right now. We are working on porting it over to Java right now, so all you Linux and OS X users won't be left out in the cold. (For those of you who can't wait for the Java port, this is 100% compatible with Wine and Mono). I also plan on trying to port this over to Android once I finish porting to Java :D

Current Features

  • Fully Edit Pokémon Base Stats
  • Edit Pokémon Evolutions (now allows for new types of evolutions including mega evolutions)
  • Edit Pokémon Moves (supports extended move tables including Jambo51's move extension hack)
  • Edit Pokémon Names (supports special character like Spanish characters)
  • Customize every Wild Pokémon's Battle Music (currently for Fire Red only)
  • Supports azurile13's routine for Hidden Abilities(currently for Fire Red only)
  • Customizable .XML file for expanding tables
  • Currently supports Fire Red, Emerald, Ruby, Leaf Green, Sapphire, MrDollSteak's Attack & Decap Patch, and LCCoolJ95's Emerald 650 Patch
  • Import/Export like never before :D
  • Edit all learnable TM/HMs and Move Tutor moves, and supports extending both tables

    Planned Features
  • Allow editing of the Egg Move Table.
  • Anything that current Pokémon Editors can do.
  • Insert certain ASM such as wild battle music, new evolutions, mega evolutions, etc.
  • Create a TM editor, Item Editor, Move Editor, and possibly more
  • ...and more!

    Here are a few screen shots to show you what all is currently functioning :D

    I know I have a lot promised in the planned features, but I would appreciate some feedback from you guys (and gals :p ). If there is anything (that is feasible) that you would like for me (or Danny) to add, let me (or him) know. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone, and you can all look forward to future updates from me!

    (Note: This requires .NET 4.0 to run).

  • Added support for mega evolutions.
  • Added support for dynamic amounts of evolutions and types.
  • Added the option to edit Pokémon moves.
  • Added the option to change Pokémon name.
  • Added support for custom battle music.
  • Added support for hidden abilities.
  • Did a complete overhaul on the Pokémon move editing.
  • Added the ability to add custom evolution methods without the need of touching the .xml
  • Added Import/Export for either one or all Pokémon .
  • Started work on the Java port.
  • Added the option to edit TM/HM and Move Tutor compatibility.
  • Now has full support for Mono Runtime and Wine (for OS X and Linux users).
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

  • Alpha 4.0: Download
  • Alpha 3.2: Download
  • Alpha 3.1: Download
  • Alpha 3.0: Download
  • Alpha 2.1: Download
  • Alpha 2.0: Download
  • Alpha 1.2: Download
  • Alpha 1.1: Download
  • Alpha 1: Download