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Patches made by Chaos Rush

As some of you may know, a lot of GBA games have brightened, washed out colors in order to make it easier to see on an unlit GBA. This is a patch for *Mother 1+2* for GBA that restores the colors back to what they were on NES (just the Mother 1 side of the ROM, I have not bothered with the Mother 2 side and don't have any plans to)

...except I made two patches. Because there are no true NES colors because of the way it handles colors. To my knowledge, NES games don't have any palette data, they just have 'color assignments' choosing from the NES's 64 different color 'slots'. But the way these colors appear can be different from one TV to another, whether it's between NTSC and PAL, or RF/AV cables... so really there are no 'true' NES palettes. Which is why I made two patches, one patch using a supposedly 'accurate' NES palette I found on a NES dev forum, and another patch using the palette that Nintendo uses for NES Virtual Console games on Wii & Wii U (credit to SuperrSonic and Daxtsu from GBAtemp for ripping the VC palette).

These patches can be used in conjunction with any of the translation patches. The only thing these patches touch are the 64 colors that the game uses for its palettes.

I recommend using the standard NTSC color patch. If you're going to play on a really bright display such as an HDTV or a DS Lite on max brightness, use the Virtual Console color patch.