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Name: Pokémon Red++

Hack of: Pokémon Red (US)

This is a hack created using the pokered disassembly from the users at Skeetendo.

The goal for this hack is to serve as an updated version of Pokémon Red. It aims to eventually fix most (if not all) of the most glaring oddities of Gen 1, and include many new features and gameplay elements that we have become accustomed to over the years. The story itself is still the same as Gen 1, though there are new locations and small changes to events here and there to freshen things up while still keeping it mostly true to the original Gen 1 story.

This project has also absorbed the old project that some of you may be familiar with, originally called "Pokémon: Secrets and Rumours" and currently known as "Pokémon Forever". Pokémon Forever is a side-build of this project, which is identical to the "Normal" Version, except that it will include numerous small additions to account for all of the old rumours we believed back in the 90s, such as Mew being under the truck, getting the Mist Stone and evolving "Pokégods" and such. Those additions will only be in Pokémon Forever, though. The "Normal" and "Hard" patches for Red++ do not contain the rumours and such. The first release of Pokémon Forever is not certain.

Please check the Readme if you have a simple question.

Completed Features:
An up-to-date Feature list can always be found here.
This list is up-to-date with the current build on Github, and may at times be more up-to-date than current release builds.

- Gender selection (Red or Leaf)
- Two versions, a "Normal" version and a "Hard" version, which only differ in the level curve
- Updated tilesets to look nicer than Gen 1
- Gen II style sprites for Pokémon and Trainers
- "New" Trainer classes that Red was missing, like female Swimmers and female Rockets (none removed, only new ones added)
- New Pokémon added from the newer gens that make sense to be in Kanto (All later-gen evos of Kanto Pokémon, plus others like Houndour/Houndoom, Murkrow/Honchkrow, etc)
- New evolution methods added to account for some of the new Pokémon
- Dark, Steel, and Fairy types added
- Type Strength/Weakness updated to Gen 6
- New moves added, to take advantage of the added types
- Completely re-done skill sets for all Pokémon, making it much closer to the current sets from Gen 6 (But not exact)
- Physical/Special Split like the newer games
- Animated EXP Bar and caught icon in battle.
- Various fixes to the Gen 1 battle mechanics (not all of them yet, though). See the above link for a more complete list.
- Old Rod and Good Rod are more useful.
- EXP Gain works more like Gen 6
- EXP Share that works like Gen 6 (NOT given to you at the start though, so it isn't broken)
- Running Shoes
- Faster surfing speed
- Bike is faster than running or surfing
- All Pokemon available without needing to trade with other players
- Breeding and Baby Pokémon
- Fully working Berry Trees, based on a step counter
- BW/2 Repel System
- HM Moves usable without having to go into the party menu
- Offline "Wonder Trade" clone, similar to Pokémon Christmas
- New areas added to Kanto
- Faraway Island, Southern Island, and Navel Rock added
- New and updated in-game trades
- In-Game Trades have individual names, instead of just "TRAINER"
- Trainers have individual names, such as "LASS CONNIE" instead of "LASS".
- More


A small preview, showing off the intro and a little bit of the first few areas. Outdated.

A clip showing how breeding works.

Hack Status:

- v2.2 is released!

Upcoming Features
These are still a work-in-progress, but are planned for the future.

==Confirmed v2.3 Features==
- Battle Tower
- Move Tutors
- Move Deleter
- Move Relearner
- Shiny Pokemon
- Smarter AI for Boss Trainers (All Trainers in Hard Patch)
- Normal trainers can use items like Potions in-battle, not just Boss trainers (Hard Patch)
- No more "Gen 1 Missing" with 100% Accuracy attacks
- Item Descriptions added to Pack and Mart menus
- More

==Later Planned Features==
- Rematches with Gym Leaders and the Elite Four
- Battle Factory
- Improvements to Wonder Trade
- Additional Post-Game Content
- More new Pokémon
- More songs added
- More new trainer classes
- More new "Special" trainers to find
- Pockets added to the bag
- A PokéGear-like device to replace certain key items and add new functionality
- Dive areas
- Special Attack/Special Defense split into two stats
- More

Sprite Credits:

- Gamefreak
- Mateo
- Pyro
- BettyNewbie
- Blue Emerald
- Chamber
- Soloo993
- Berries, Inc.
- Amvz08
- Wes
- Chaos Rush
- JoltJolteon
- Kinected Wires
- Pokemon Essentials (Torkoal)

Additional Credits:

- Miksy91 (Teaching me ASM)
- Danny-E33 (Help/Support along the way, a couple of routines I borred from his Gen 2 graphics patch,etc.)
- ShantyTown (Help/Support when I was getting started)
- Cartmic (Help/Support over the years, finding ways to restore my interest in Gen 1 hacking)
- Pia Carrot (Support/Copied over the code for Gen 2 sized back sprites for me because I was lazy)
- Prixy/Bliss (Moral support)
- IIMarckus, Kanzure, comet, Danny-E33, and all the other contributors to the pokered disassembly project
- Sanqui ("Trainers are not Pokemon" and other stuff)
- Yenatch (Original Proof-of-concept code for using HMs in the field)

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Fan Banner made by Tokenslot.


Not A Bug
- Since people keep thinking this is a bug, I wanted to point out that all Pokémon who participate in battle receive the "full" amount instead of it being split between them. This is how it works in Gen 6, and was absolutely an intentional change.

Known Bugs
- Some leftover oddities from vanilla Gen 1 still remain, I'll get to them eventually.
- Sucker Punch can still hit if the opponent went first. **Will be fixed in 2.3

Release 2.2 - Normal Version: IPS Patch
Release 2.2 - Hard Version: IPS Patch

You can keep track of the project (or compile it yourself unofficially) by looking here.

The copy on github is updated regularly.