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Ultimate ZX Trilogy

The Credits
Pokécommunity Members
Ace_Master_of_Turtles - Taejo Leader Sprites/Protagonist Creator
Ashketchum24 - Trainer Sprites
dreamengine - Basic Sprites/Overworld Sprites
xGal - GSC Music Composer
64 x 64 Trainer Sprites Resource: Attrage/Rizon
64 x 64 Pokémon Sprites Resource
Advance Map v1.92: LU-HO
Advance Trainer: HackMew
Advanced Series: Wichu
Alistair ROM Base: r0bert/shinyzekrom
Alternative Bootscreen: ep!c
Alternative Oak Background: ep!c
Berry Bag Item Selection Routine: Shiny Quagsire
B/W Music Patch (Few Tracks): zortac
Crystal Kanto Music Patch: zortac
DNS: prime-dialga
General Tiles: Wesley FG/Other public resources
Hacked Fire Red Engine: JPAN
Hex Editor HxD: The hex values (Special thanks to FF values!) LOL
Inverse Battle Routine: DoesntKnowHowToPlay
Physical/Special Split Graphics: Darthatron (Jambo's edited routine)
Physical/Special Split: DoesntKnowHowToPlay
YAPE: silver314

This rom hack would never have been carried through if it wasn't for these guys.
Thanks once again.