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Now you can never unsee it.....
Thats a big bad charizard xD but sorry, I CAN unsee it. Yeah I rock.
SSJ4 Furanki
Pokemon Derpizard: Contam
There Robert, I fixed it.
  and  like this.
Just GBA hardware being used to more of it's potential.Smile And if we wanted them in battle, I just realized we would have to recode Nightshade and other moves that use transparency, because they would change the registers that control transparency.
I guess I should take my interest in ASM magicks
Pokemon Derpizard: Contam
Don't mean to spam with updates, but this should be the last one for now, as I haven't hacked any farther.Tongue
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I'm no artist, so I'll have Robert take a look at that.
Apparently, he fixed it, but I haven't seen yet, so I don't know.:p
Pokemon Derpizard: Contam
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Yeah, I haven't read it either, but it was the best way to assemble a team. I just scoured Bulbapedia for that one.Smile
The link is bad because of the ( ), just copy and paste it:
Interesting way to start a's a good idea Smile looking forward to see how this hack turns out Smile
Well, after about 7 hours of work between me and Robert, we got this working!
For some reason, when I first saw the top light, I was sure it was going to say, "Hey, look, listen!" Darn thing looks like Navi xD
Jesus Christ
We need to add that
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