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It should probably be noted that the memory saved by this patch coincides with the LR Help menu, which should be disabled by putting 1D E0 at x13b8c2.
  and  like this.
Oo interesting. Damn help system Tongue
That's quite sad though, I wanted to create a custom help system for Apollo, with more interesting/useful text. Bt I would obviously prefer having the Save block patch, because Jambo extra flag hack
Can I ask, where is the newly saved memory? Ie, what block of RAM gets saved?
I was right about the general location. Let me update the info page with it.
0x0203C000 to 0x0203C0CC
0x0203C0CC to 0x0203C324
0x0203C324 to 0x0203CEC4
JPAN's Save Block Patch f

This is a patch containing JPAN's save block recycling ASM routine. Credits to JPAN, Jambo51, shinyquagsire and karatekid552.
the link is down!]
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