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This is a patch containing JPAN's save block recycling ASM routine. The routine is placed from A00000-A000E8. It consolidateing the save blocks in FireRed to free up a good amount of ram which can then be used for other projects. The link to the origional post in which he posted his routine is here:

This instructions for inserting this routine by hand are not all that clear which is why I was advocated by Jambo51 to post it after he helped me install it on FireRed. Some credit also goes to shinyquagsire for the location of where to place the pointer to the routine.

This patch saves the following ram blocks to the .sav file:

0x0203C000 to 0x0203C0CC
0x0203C0CC to 0x0203C324
0x0203C324 to 0x0203CEC4