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"Burn It Down"

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December 4, 2015 by
103 plays
Spherical Ice
Sounds dope! I weirdly also get a Sonic Heroes vibe from it, haha
Chaos Rush
GᵒGᵒJJTᵉᶜʰ ツ
I hate that game with all my life
Chaos Rush
The first time I booted up that game I literally laughed out loud at how stupid the theme song sounded. I was nine.

EDIT: (my comment of the Sonic Heroes theme song was not dually aimed at your song, giradialkia. In fact I don't even hear the resemblance lol)
GᵒGᵒJJTᵉᶜʰ ツ
I never played it, my brothers did, but I have no clue why
Tank ya Sphice. :3
Also I have never played/heard Sonic Heroes' music, but I admire your respective passions for it.
Do some more side-chaining, your kick is buried.
Shall do. Mastering is a real chore, but it's a lot less murky than it was at the start. Tongue