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Cherrygrove V3 Test

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October 14, 2015 by
43 plays
The notes clustering around 0:21 (and again at 0:41) sound a little off. I'm not too certain if you used a midi or if you simply wrote it out yourself, but it's just a bit of an awkward progression. I might suggest simplifying it a little, for the sake of tonal integrity.

But on the whole, it's a nic...
Otto's Foxhole
This was ripped from LC specifically for this project. I*MIGHT* share on a personal level, but Officially I do not have permission to use the music, so officially I cannot release the patch.
Oh lordy, I wasn't implying that *I* simplify it - my wording was a little awkward. I was humbly suggesting those particular points could do with a bit of chordal simplification, as a critique. Tongue
Otto's Foxhole
I will consider it, and by consider it, I mean when I finally get around to editing these.