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Sane Dubstep

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February 12, 2015 by
71 plays
No clue. It's one of those "free to use anywhere without permission or credit" songs
Link to a download?
You got more songs of this genre? I really like these kinds which are not too "ultra fuzzy and LOUD noise" dubstep songs.
No, not really. The thing with this particular one is that it's not too heavy on the transformers. It has a tune and you can actually follow it without having to try hard
^^ I 100% was one that page a couple of years ago, but give it time and I think you might well come to like some other dubstep. I'm musical as fuck (which is just a statement, not a self-compliment, I hope!) and I just couldn't get my head around it, but Skrillex has some goddamn amazing stuff; chec...
I refuse to let my blood come out of my nose due to sound Smile
It's never safe to use any genre names when it comes to electronic music nowadays, but this could be called 'Complextro', if y'all be looking for more music of this style.