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Sonic Unleashed - Apotos (Day) Remix

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January 19, 2015 by
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Thank you ipatix for your wonderful HQ Mixer that made this possible :D
Nice work!! Makes me feel reviving my MIDI sequencing career. Did you use a MIDI sequencer or something like Cakewalk or Fruity-loops to directly output the audio file in addition to using the Mixer. Also technically, this isn't a remix. This is called an arrangement, in which the style and flow of...
It actually is a remix because it's different from the original with the drums and beat. Some background instruments also differ to make it sound more jazzy with the hgss soundfonts because otherwise it'd sound real outta place. And it's created using Anvil Studio.
Which one did you actually use now? The "new" or the "old" one?
I have no clue but it's for FR lol
Was it the on from the PC forums or the one I gave you in those tests ROMs I made for you?
You gave me them. I'm assuming they're "old"