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Should I continue this ?

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June 24, 2014 by
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Otto's Foxhole
1: Eliminate the noise drums. that was imho a cheap way out for gf, and even more so for hackers.
2: if this is a hack, try finding a good set of instruments and import them. it isnt very hard to convert a soundfont into a usable sound for the hack.
No, please use Noise Drums. They can enhance the sound quality in a very efficient way. Regular drums have a limited sampling frequency (on Pokemon 13379 Hz) which is too low to import hgih quality drums. The CGB channels aren't limited to those sampling frequencys so I would always use them if they...
Otto's Foxhole
The problem with noise drums however is that it is very distinguishable and kinda feels cheap imho. If one were to import a good enough sample from the start, the degradation isnt too noticeable. look at how 1:1 the music GoGo is using sounds in comparison to the original. I haven't noticed any diff...
I think in the medium of a GBA ROM noise drums aren't all that bad - in the case of this song I think it lies in the 'mastering' (if that term can even be applied to a MIDI, hahaha).

It's all about the volume - make the noise drums a little quieter and bring out the instruments themselves a bit more...
I actually really like the balance that he's achieved in this particular remix. And the Noise drums are definitely a really good tool to use on the GBA. They can add so much to a song if they're used right.