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We Hope to See You Again.mp3

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December 13, 2013 by in Pokémon-related stuff
234 plays
I don't know why but when I listen to this, i feel complete
It's only counting my plays
The Glitch
... Well.
Shit. <3
Otto's Foxhole
i still cannot place this... i recognize the pokemon center healing sound in it, but nothing more.
Just saw _Fallenleader_'s comment. The reason you couldn't place it is because it's an original song, haha - it just samples the healing sound, the rest of it is just the song.

Here's the finished version of it!
Otto's Foxhole
can you make a midi of this clip? i would love to play around with the b2/w2 sondfonts on this.
Needs more jump up
Otto's Foxhole
while I can easily rip the mp3, I was hoping you might be willing to share the final without vocals. I would love to use it with my dj software.
I'll probably upload an instrumental sometime, but I can't just yet. Sorry. Unhappy But I'll comment here when I do!
Otto's Foxhole
If nothing else, I would like to use the final you uploaded for the end credits of my project (while the lyrics are not pokemon related necessarily, it would work IMHO)