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Pokémon GleamingCrystal - Battle! Vs. Trainers of Johto (WIP)

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November 8, 2017 by
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Could do with a solid kick drum beneath it for most of the track but I'm not sure what the limitations of the music engine in FR are. Good job regardless.
I’m trying to stick with the 5 DirectSound limit as much as I can. The limit is 12 but that’s only for if I can’t stick to the limit. I am also using sounds from Drill Dozer as well.
Reminds me an awful lot of the FRLG Trainer Battle - which is no bad thing. Agree it's needing a drumbeat in it, and sometimes it just sounds a smidge off. (Like maybe the leading melody is drowned out a little bit by the background melody).

But as a general rule of thumb, it's great.
I’ve not done anything with the volume for the song yet which’ll be something I work on once I’ve got the song to not sound as empty.