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Pokémon GleamingCrystal - Cerulean City

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September 4, 2017 by
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  and  like this.
Generally like it, but the part starting at 17 seconds in through to 20 seconds has the pitch raised, and I have to say I don't like it - It just sounds off compared to the rest of the song.
It's from HGSS. I merely adapted it to match the FRLG version.
Chaos Rush
ShinyDragonHunter, every single time someone points out a simple mistake you've made, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, whether it be music or sprites or even Pokémon sprite tables, you try and come up with an excuse to defend it. Now, I know that I'm not exactly known for making remixes, but I am actua...
I'm not defending anything, I was merely saying why it sounds the way it does. And bassline? You mean the square I used?
Believe it or not, I take criticism seriously and make changes accordingly to the criticism I receive.
Did you just come with an excuse to defend you defending yourself and coming up with excuses??
I won't pretend to be musically educated or talented. I'm not, in the slightest. I am a programmer.

However, I felt that I could offer some constructive criticism with this piece, specifically a part that I felt didn't feel right.

It's one thing, IMO, to change the pitch of the entire song (as many FR...
No, I get it. To be honest, it sounds out of tune because the accordion part is literally from FR so if I were to change it like how the main part of the song sounds, it may sound better.