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Gogo, I am INSULTED.>:|

Haha, I should probably TM that before someone steals it. 'Dem thieves out there, pirating everything.
  and  like this.
Yo Chaos, did you see my post in your expansion thread?
Chaos Rush
@karatekid552: in case you see this before you check PC:
Species Names = 3185C8
Front Sprite Table = 30A18C
Back Sprite Table = 3028B8
Front Palette Table = 303678
Shiny Palette Table = 304438
Base Stats = 3203CC
Moveset Pointers = 32937C
National Dex Order = 31DC82
Pokédex Data = 56B5B0
TM Compatibility = 31...
Chaos Rush
Also don't listen to that mamamama guy, he's doing something wrong. I have double checked my notes and all of the necessary info for the expansion is in the first post. There are no "missing limiters that Chaos Rush forgot to put", I put everything I have. DoesntKnowHowToPlay and MrDollSteak can ver...
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