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daniilS is online.
Hey, when I select an evolution in G3HS, it automatically chooses the first instance in the list. I use a different poke for every forme, but now I have to hex edit form evolutions. Could you fix this...
  and  like this.
that's not at all what I meant lol
I meant how there are evolutions based on items and level, if he can add support for moves and other pokemon
GoGo, I should be able to add support for that fairly easily. Remind me if I forget. Right now, I am coding an ini recovery feature that will go to the proper pointers in the rom and recover the offsets should someone be stupid.
Finished the habitat editor today if anyone cares.Tongue
Jambo, I know that will work, but there has to be a better way.
Shy of changing the source code of the GUI, Nope.
Well someone uses Ubuntu......
I use linux mint, Ubuntu is spyware-filled crap ;w;
Hey KK, I just thought of a quick suggestion for the Pokedex and Sprite tabs. I think it'd be pretty helpful to include the hex offset of the current dex entry or sprite, just for ease of organisation...
Oh I didn't mean a changer, just a label of where it currently is
Well, the changer does label where it is, but I guess I could look into adding it.
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