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Gogo, I am INSULTED.>:|

Haha, I should probably TM that before someone steals it. 'Dem thieves out there, pirating everything.
  and  like this.
Yo Chaos, did you see my post in your expansion thread?
Chaos Rush is online.
@karatekid552: in case you see this before you check PC:
Species Names = 3185C8
Front Sprite Table = 30A18C
Back Sprite Table = 3028B8
Front Palette Table = 303678
Shiny Palette Table = 304438
Base Stats = 3203CC
Moveset Pointers = 32937C
National Dex Order = 31DC82
Pokédex Data = 56B5B0
TM Compatibility = 31...
Chaos Rush is online.
Also don't listen to that mamamama guy, he's doing something wrong. I have double checked my notes and all of the necessary info for the expansion is in the first post. There are no "missing limiters that Chaos Rush forgot to put", I put everything I have. DoesntKnowHowToPlay and MrDollSteak can ver...
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