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I'll try and keep this as short as possible!
Basically, after four failure hacks of Fire Red I decided to go for it one last time.. my previous attempt turned out to be quite popular among an audience of people however due to scripting errors and other unfixable problems I had no choice but to scrap that project and start fresh, hence this new hack!
It has given me the motivation to re-create what I had previously but also add new features to improve the game overall, hopefully this can be just as successful as the last one. Also I would like to mention that Atif is helping me re-create Hoenn in Fire Red!

•Difficulty - The whole game dynamic has had a shift in difficulty which is the main aspect of this game, all Leaders, Elite Four Members & Trainers have been edited! Many will have Pokemon from Kanto, Johto & Hoenn.

•Hoenn Region - You will be able to visit the Hoenn Region once you've made your way through Kanto! This will include all the Cities, Routes, Gyms, Pokemon League and other interesting features!

•Team Magma & Aqua - Yes! Team Magma & Aqua will be re appearing to stir things up in Both Kanto & Hoenn.

•Brendan & May - As well as Gary you will also encounter Brendan & May from the Hoenn Region several times as you travel through the game.

•Pokemon - All 386 Pokemon are obtainable to an extent - This may mean through the wild or simply using Events in-game. The vast majority of Pokemon are found in Routes, Caves and Waters. - See the "Pokemon Locations" Document for all the locations.

•Evolutions - All evolutions that required a trade or some method that was unavailable to acquire on an Emulator has now been changed - Check the "General Changes" Document for more details.

•Abilities - Atleast 30 Pokemon have new Primary/Secondary abilities to boost their power and stratergy. - Check the "General Changes" Document for more details.

•Stats - Over 70 Pokemon have had their stats increased, some minor some major. This is to enhance the difficulty when facing important NPCs. - Check the "General Changes" Document for more details.

•Movepool & Attacks - Over 100 Pokemon have added moves to their movepools suiting their typing. I have also edited the Power and PP of some moves - Check the "General Changes" Document for more details.

•Events - All the Pokemon that are usually obtained via Event but are not in FRLG now are, you can obtain all starters, Pokemon such as Castform by talking to certain people in-game - See the "Event Pokemon" Document for more details.

•Type Changes - Some Pokemon have new/changed typings to what I thought suited them - Check the "General Changes" Document for more details.

•New Trainers - You will notice that several new trainers have been implemented around the region! - I will be taking requests so if you would like your own personal trainer in-game, PM/VM me!

•Documents - With the download you will find 4 Documents alongside the Patch, Event Pokemon, General Changes, Kanto Leaders & Pokemon Locations. The names are self explanatory but they will give you all the details that are needed to know about the changes in this hack!

•16 Gyms - Rather than eight gyms, there will be sixteen! Eight in Kanto and Eight in Hoenn.