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Incase you didn't know ROM Hackers Online Social has it's own Twitter page @RHOnews where you can get site updates and news. To support us you can simply follow us, or re-tweet one of our Tweets to get the message across to your followers.

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ROM Hackers Online Social has a number of built in sharing features which allow you to quickly and easily notify the world about your content, or other peoples content you find on the site. All Statuses, Videos, Music and Pictures, as well as Pages, Journals, Tutorials, Questions and Requests can all be shared to the world for everybody for them to know about.

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Got a friend you know who might be interested in the site? Use the Inviter built into ROM Hackers Online Social and send them an Email Invitation to join the site. Once joined they will become your freind automatically.

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If you have a Youtube channel with some Subscribers, you can help us out by downloading this video and uploading it to your channel. This will support us and notify all your subscribers about the site. You can also upload the video to any other Video Sharing site you feel like, the more the better!

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Word of mouth is perhaps one of the best ways of getting information to people. If you tell your freinds and other hackers directly about the site they will visit, and hopefully tell all thier friends too. This eventually spreads a large distance amoungst people.

Forum Signatures
A forum signature is a short piece of text, an image or something else that you can place underneath all of your posts on different forums. If you add the following code to your signature, you can help spread the word about the ROM Hacking future to everyone who browses the forums you browse.


This is just a number of things that you can do to help us get known throughout the world as the future of ROM Hacking. We don't ask you to do any of these things, but if you enjoy the site then at least consider supporting us back. Oh, and if you really feel like supporting us, then you can feel free to Donate or sign up for Premium membership at any time.